[linux-dvb] Problem with remote on ASUSTek P7131 Dual

Vincent Penne ziggy at sashipa.com
Mon Jan 22 01:56:22 CET 2007

Robert W. Fuller a écrit :
> >/ To give a bit more informations on my system, it is an ATI chipset based/
> >/ motherboard, the model is RS482-M from Elitegroup, and it has in/
> >/ particular problems with acpi as well as usb. The kernel is 2.6.19 with/
> >/ gentoo patches. Originally I had to remove completely ACPI from the/
> >/ kernel to have it boot, now I can boot with acpi, but with the option/
> >/ acpi=noirq ./
> The problem is more likely related to the BIOS than the chipset.  I have
> a couple of RS482-M's here as well.  One has to be booted with the
> option "acpi_skip_timer_override" in order for it to keep time correctly
> and eliminate some APIC errors.  The other one does not need any special
> flags.  ACPI in general works fine on both boards, even for interrupt
> routing.
> >/ Now about usb, it is more interesting  : usb wouldn't work until I put/
> >/ the following options usb-handoff and irqpoll. The description of the/
> >/ latter option is as follow : "When an interrupt is not handled search/
> >/ all handlers for it. Also check all handlers each timer interrupt./
> >/ Intended to get systems with badly broken firmware running."/
> Note that it says "broken firmware."  That means BIOS in this case.  I
> would contact the vendor and ask them to fix their BIOS.  If you do not
> ask them now, they may not be willing to fix the BIOS later when the
> board is no longer being sold.  (I had this experience with Tyan.  In
> all fairness I was asking them for a BIOS fix years late.)
> Have you upgraded your BIOS on the board?  If you do, make sure you have
> the system connected to an uninterruptible power supply.  Also, a BIOS
> recovery floppy may not be a bad idea.  There's a super secret key
> sequence that will reload the BIOS from a floppy in the event of a bad
> flash.  You can google that.
> Vincent,
> you maybe did not see Rob's mail and hints on the video4linux list.
> http://www.spinics.net/lists/vfl/msg30964.html
> Rob thanks!
> Cheers,
> Hermann
Hi Robert,

Thanks for the forward Hermann, I am now subscribed on video4linux too.

A week ago, I upgraded my BIOS to the latest available version , that is 
dated 10/17/2006 , version 6.00 PG. My rs492-m model is one with the 
optionnal firewire interface (v1.0a).

May I ask you what version of the kernel are you using ? I am using 
2.6.19 currently (with gentoo patches).


 Vincent Penne

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