[linux-dvb] dvb-ttpci stv0297 - stuttering

Marco Skambraks marco at ammec.de
Tue Jan 23 17:27:29 CET 2007


I use a tt ff dvb-c c2300 with the latest firmware and the latest drivers 
from Oliver Endris

my cable-provider is iesy in hessen/germany
some of my frineds tested it with other cable-providers "kabel deutschland" and "ish"
it was the same problem - more or less stuttering
now I added a module parameter to
av7110.c in function
static int nexusca_stv0297_tuner_set_params(struct dvb_frontend* fe, ...
with this paramter I can modify the frequency
      div = (params->frequency + frq_tune + 36150000 + 31250) / 62500;

if I use the value -150000 for frq_tune
it works almost fine in my apartment with iesy, but it doesn't work for 
"kabel deutschland" or "ish"
I also tried to enter other values to get good results with "kabel deutchland"
unfortunately without any success
the behavior of the card is completely different in different apartments
we also ask the cable-provider for technical-support
the providers measured the signal-strength
the signal is fine more than 72db without errors
a dbox2 is running well without any dropouts
and also the kabel deutschland reciever or iesy receiver

I have no idea what to do now

is this a known problem?


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