[linux-dvb] dvb-ttpci stv0297 - stuttering

Marc marcsje at fulladsl.be
Tue Jan 23 17:37:38 CET 2007

these providers do not necessarily transmit on the freqs that are 

Here a discussion:

found via:


(and yes, it's awful, I still try to make a Cinergy work under ubuntu, 
while it works fine with a Fedora 6 ...)


Marco Skambraks schreef:
> hi,
> I use a tt ff dvb-c c2300 with the latest firmware and the latest drivers 
> from Oliver Endris
> my cable-provider is iesy in hessen/germany
> some of my frineds tested it with other cable-providers "kabel deutschland" and "ish"
> it was the same problem - more or less stuttering
> now I added a module parameter to
> av7110.c in function
> static int nexusca_stv0297_tuner_set_params(struct dvb_frontend* fe, ...
> with this paramter I can modify the frequency
>       div = (params->frequency + frq_tune + 36150000 + 31250) / 62500;
> if I use the value -150000 for frq_tune
> it works almost fine in my apartment with iesy, but it doesn't work for 
> "kabel deutschland" or "ish"
> I also tried to enter other values to get good results with "kabel deutchland"
> unfortunately without any success
> the behavior of the card is completely different in different apartments
> we also ask the cable-provider for technical-support
> the providers measured the signal-strength
> the signal is fine more than 72db without errors
> a dbox2 is running well without any dropouts
> and also the kabel deutschland reciever or iesy receiver
> I have no idea what to do now
> is this a known problem?
> marco
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