[linux-dvb] [PATCH] Add PHYS-string and connecton to pci-device for nicer usage by udev

Oliver Endriss o.endriss at gmx.de
Thu Jan 25 01:02:42 CET 2007

Matthias Schwarzott wrote:
> Hi Oliver, hi Mailing list!
> Sent second time, this time with signed-off-by, and to maintainer of changed 
> code.

Sorry for the delay. I'm very busy these days.

> On Wednesday 10 January 2007 18:34, Matthias Schwarzott wrote:
> >
> > The attached patch a PHYS-string and a connection to the relevant
> > pci-device to let udev now this and create more user-friendly/persistent
> > links on the event-device. Code with some changes taken from budget-ci.c
> >
> > With that patch, udev-103 creates:
> > /dev/input/by-path/pci-0000\:00\:0a.0--event-ir

Thanks, applied.

> > Nevertheless input-handling for av7110 needs some changes: one can for
> > example only use input-connector of first card.

Not quite correct. You can use the ir receiver of *any* card (tested!).

All receivers share the same
(1) input device
(2) keymap
(3) protocol type, inversion setting, device address

It is easy to fix (1) and (2), but I have no good idea how to fix (3)
for multiple av7110 cards.


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