[linux-dvb] Afatech 9015 & QT1010 *was* Unbranded USB DVB device afatech af9005

Andrew Leech andrew at floppyspongeonline.com
Thu Jan 25 13:20:55 CET 2007

Andrew Leech wrote:
> Zsolt wrote:
>> great to hear about the specs.
>>   if you need a tester for mt2060 based device (same dongle what you 
>> can see on bttv-gallery site) feel free to send me some code for 
>> testing.
>> zsolt
> Quick update - I've got both the specs for the AF9005 and the AF9015
> now, with the specs from the older device I'm starting to make sense of
> the Luca's driver. Turns out the AF9015, while having some similarities
> to the 9005, does have a different configuration sequence and is notably
> different. I'd been originally hoping they'd be similar enough to
> incorporate the 9015 into the 9005 driver, but now I think I'll be
> writing a separate driver, based on the 9005 one.
> I am starting to feel confidant I'll  be able to get something going
> though, which is a good place to be.
> Andrew
Well I'm making some progress here, but I feel I'm shooting in the dark 
a bit. I've got the firmware loading, using the firmware that was in the 
sample code (it's a big array of data packets to be sent). So replacing 
the AF9005 firmware code with new stuff to copy the firmware on, I get 
it loading fine and the dongle responds that it has switched to firmware 
mode. Obviously I've got the basic low level usb communicaton working, 
which in itself was a bit of a chore. Afatech didn't keep much the same 
between the old and the new chip, but the 9005 still seems more similar 
to my 9015 than other chips source files I've been browsing.

But now I'm getting lost....there's just so much to do I don't know 
where to start. Is there any documentation around describing what needs 
to be implemented where to fit into the dvb-usb framework? I can't seem 
to find much, and wading through the header files feels like I'm just 
hitting things at random.
I've been trying to focus on getting the i2c working, the AF9015 chip 
has got a different interface to the AF9005, so that needs a 
considerable re-write, but again I don't know what interfaces need to be 
written to handle what information. There's a few structs being passed 
around here and there but I don't know what I have to handle, and what 
needs to be passed down the i2c verbatim.....It doesn't help that I've 
got a qt1010 tuner rather than the mt2060 that the af9005 code is 
written for.

Speaking of the qt1010, the sample code I've got has got routines to use 
the qt1010 tuner, whether they might be of some use to the guys working 
on getting that tuner operational at the moment?

So basically I'm asking if there's any documentation around on what to 
implement, or at least some pointers in the right direction?

*Andrew Leech

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