[linux-dvb] Another Nova-T 500 Dual DVB-T Oops

Patrick Boettcher patrick.boettcher at desy.de
Thu Jan 25 13:29:42 CET 2007

On Thu, 25 Jan 2007, Matt Doran wrote:

> Henrik Beckman wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > On my myth box I have a simple script that checks messages every 10sec and
> > reboots if the usb disconnect line appears, I collect timestamped copies of
> > the messages files.
> > A distinct pattern i still to occur, but some channels are worse than
> > others, but that might be time of day caused reception variations.
> >
> > Starting recording 3min ahead gives the box time to reboot and resume
> > recording.
> >
> > /Henrik
> >
> >
> Thanks, but Oops' are bad and should never happen.  I'd like to work with the
> driver developers on this list to resolve the issue.
> I'd like to provide as much info as possible in the hope that we can get this
> fixed properly.

I discussed with the some guys. For me there was no explaination why the 
USB-device is "disconnecting".

There could be one thing: The power consumption for this hardware is 
higher than allowed by USB (two dib3000 and two MT2060 = 700mA, USB 
500mA). But because it is a PCI card there is no problem, because the 
USB-descriptor should state: Self-Powered.

If this is not the case, maybe the VIA-chip is disconnecting the device.

Can someone check if the lsusb -v output is showing something like:

    bmAttributes         0xe0
      Self Powered
      Remote Wakeup


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