[linux-dvb] Another Nova-T 500 Dual DVB-T Oops

Matt Doran matt.doran at papercut.biz
Fri Jan 26 01:10:01 CET 2007

Patrick Boettcher wrote:
> Hmm?!
> What exactly was it that improved the behaviour in 2.6.20-rc4 ?
> What is the exact reason for the disconnect (USB-debugging need to be 
> enabled maybe)? Is it the device which disconnects itself or is it the bus 
> which disconnects the device due to an error?
> Patrick.

I've just upgraded to the ubuntu 2.6.20-5 kernel, which I believe is 
based on 2.6.20-rc5.    I'll see if this reduces the occurrence of the 

I'm happy to help by running a different kernel or enabling 
"USB-debugging".   Let me know what your after and how to do this and 
I'll try to collect more info.

Thanks for your efforts,

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