[linux-dvb] Digitune S Devide by Digicom

Max OZ maxoz at hotmail.it
Sat Jan 27 13:30:11 CET 2007

Dear all,

Some months ago I got a Digitune device based on a twinhan chipset. 
Unfortunately after some trouble with the tuner I contacted the support of 
Digicom which replaced the misfunctioning device with a brand new 

Before I was an happy man because I was able to use it with my Gentoo 
Distro, but now I am not anymore :)

I know that the Digitune S is based on the following hardware: ULI M9206 + 
MT352CG + MT2060F.

Anyone of you can tell me if it is possible (somehow) to support my device?

Thanks for all your support and for all the feedbacks!!!


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