[linux-dvb] Please HELP - Terratec Cinergy 1400 DVB-T doesn't work with UBUNTU 6.10

David Stevenson david.stevenson at dgssoftware.co.uk
Sat Jan 27 15:11:43 CET 2007

----- "Martin Krüger" <martin.krueger.witten at gmx.de> wrote:
> Hello,
> I just bought a Terratec Cinergy 1400 XE because of the label "Yes, it
> supports Linux" on the cover of the box.
> After installation of the card I downloaded the v4l-dvb-Sources, 
> compiled and installed them as was said to do in the DVB-Wiki.
> After reboot of the computer, I could'nt find a device in /dev/dvb. 
> Inspection of the /var/log/messages shows that the card is detected,
> but 
> a device /dev/video and a /dev/vbi0 is registered instead of a
> dvb-device.
> Now I am at the end of my capabilities -- what goes wrong on my
> computer ??

Firstly, I am just someone using also Ubuntu 6.10 who bought a DVB card supported by Linux and also followed your steps.

I discovered that sometimes all the correct device nodes are not created automatically - I had to create them, I used a script such as that detailed here:


which did the job.

My biggest problem past this was defining a uk-Mendip file which worked, in the end I had to hand craft my own using a frequency equation supplied by users on this list which pointed me in the correct direction.

Good luck - it can be real frustrating - but brilliant once you get it working!!!


> I hope that there is anyone in this mailing list, who can give me a
> hint !!
> My system is Ubuntu 6.10 with generic kernel.
> Thanks a lot,
> Martin Krüger
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