[Fwd: [linux-dvb] af9005, remote with lircd]

Matthäus Janiczek jama-mj at gmx.de
Sat Jan 27 15:25:50 CET 2007

Luca Olivetti wrote:
> / Hi,
/>/ I looked at the other usb drivers and all of them get a decoded key 
/>/ from the adapter, so they just map the code to a keypress and put it 
/>/ in the input device.
/>/ OTOH the af9005 doesn't decode the ir data, it just gives the length 
/>/ of the spaces/pulses. I decode them in software (with the codes of 
the />/ remote that came with the stick) to do the same that the other 
drivers />/ are doing (i.e. emulate a keyboard).
/>/ Now I wrote another rather simple module that just passes on the raw 
/>/ data as a lirc device for lircd to decode, so in theory it should 
work />/ with any remote.
/>/ It seems to work fairly well (I tried with a lircd.conf that I'm 
using />/ with lirc_serial and recording the "stock" remote with irrecord).
/>/ The problem is that it needs lirc, which isn't included in the stock 
/>/ kernel, so I don't know if it can be integrated in the linux-dvb 
/>/ Comments, opinions?
/>/ Bye

I'm really sorry for annoy you again but I've now another question which 
seems that it could be solved by you guys at the best.
I've googled much but can't find a HowTo or a Documentation to integrate 
the custom lirc file which Luca wrote (or generally an costum lirc file) 
into LIRC.
So I would guess I've to put the file somewhere before "make" and "make 
file" but I'm everything else then sure.
And that's the way it comes that I beg you to tell me a how. Because 
after the Stick runs great the remote is the last thing I need to be 
absolutely happy :)

Please help me :)

bye Matthaeus

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