[Fwd: [linux-dvb] af9005, remote with lircd]

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Sat Jan 27 17:17:02 CET 2007

En/na Matthäus Janiczek ha escrit:

> And that's the way it comes that I beg you to tell me a how. Because 
> after the Stick runs great the remote is the last thing I need to be 
> absolutely happy :)

BTW, if you're fine with the remote provided with the card, it should 
already work. If it doesn't it means that it generates different codes 
than the 2 remotes I know (1 mine and 1 from another user, download a 
fresh copy of the source in case you have an old table with just one 
remote), so I'd ask you to load the dvb-usb-af9005-remote module with 
debug=1 and check in the log the "raw codes", check that they're 
repeatable (i.e., pressing the same key you should get the same code) 
and send me the mapping key->code so I can add your remote to the table 
(if it suits the model).


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