[linux-dvb] DVB-S2 / STB0899 Status

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at gmail.com
Sun Jan 28 03:51:41 CET 2007

Hi All,

With quite a bit of effort, i was able to get DVB-S/DVB-S2 alongwith
DSS going on the STB0899 multistandard demodulator. I have pushed the
tree out here at


This tree includes the multiproto API update as well, which was being
discussed for quite some time.

For getting the STB0899 and the multiproto API working, owe thanks to
quite a lot of people

* First of all thanks to ST Microelectronics providing documentation
as well as detailed insight into the device by providing support from
them, while still providing support on the same in many aspects.
Thanks to them for providing uptodate information from them at regular
intervals, as well as providing help in times of real despair
(The sample versions of the chip had issues, which lead to being in a
state of frustration)

Thanks again to ST for getting me out of that frustrated state. STM
required some changes in the copyright for the public driver. The
copyright notice has been updated to reflect the same.

* Thanks to Azurewave Technologies (part of the ASUS group), former
Twinhan Tech for making this happen by providing a business case with
ST and sending in cards at different stages of prototyping for testing
the code etc.

* Thanks to Paul Zhu for getting the discussions between the vendors going on

Thanks goes to people who sent in code/patches at various levels (i
had to rewrite the code completely to make it work, hence couldn't
make separate patches to the STB0899 driver) The KNC1 card that i used
to test with had a preproduction (sample) demodulator which had a mind
of it's own, ie it used to tune to DVB-S most of the times, after that
it worked with DVB-S2 also couple of times, after which the card never
worked as a whole, stopped giving me LOCK 's.

People who are anxious to buy STB0899 based cards, please do look out
for C2L inscribed on the STB0899 chip on their cards. There are
different versions of the chip. C1L means it is a version 3.1 of the
Silicon Cut, ie Cut 3.1. This version C1L is not very stable in the
fact that there are buggy chips with this version and could mean a
frontend not locked in many cases, but the issues are different in
each case. C2L , ie Cut 3.2 is an updated version which fixes the
issues and this chip works without issues. But unfortunately for all
the people who tested, we all had C1L based chips only.

Azurewave said they will sent in new prototype cards with the Cut 3.2
chip from STM, in a week or so.

Thanks to the people who sent in patches for the STB0899/STB6100
* Regis Prevot
* Wouter Cloetens

Thanks to all those who helped in getting the API update with
discussions/comments on the same at various stages.

* Andrew De Quincey
* Christoph Pfister
* Johannes Stezenbach
* Julian Scheel
* Marcel Siegert
* Patrick Boetcher
* Ralph Metzler
* Trent Piepho

Thanks to those who helped with small snippets at some points of time
without loosing patience

* Christoph Pfister
* Sigmund Augdal

Thanks to all those who patiently did the testing.

Finally, i have updated the API also a bit which is necessary for
diagnostic apps for reading the Physical Layer Header
Another changes that's added is rolloff, since otherwise a userspace
app will have to decode rolloff from matype using bit operators each
time. This situation can be easily avoided


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