[linux-dvb] DVB-S2 / STB0899 Status

Andrew Lyon andrew.lyon at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 00:54:41 CET 2007

On 1/28/07, Manu Abraham <abraham.manu at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> With quite a bit of effort, i was able to get DVB-S/DVB-S2 alongwith
> DSS going on the STB0899 multistandard demodulator. I have pushed the
> tree out here at
> http://linuxtv.org/hg/~manu/stb0899-c5
> This tree includes the multiproto API update as well, which was being
> discussed for quite some time.
> For getting the STB0899 and the multiproto API working, owe thanks to
> quite a lot of people
> * First of all thanks to ST Microelectronics providing documentation
> as well as detailed insight into the device by providing support from
> them, while still providing support on the same in many aspects.
> Thanks to them for providing uptodate information from them at regular
> intervals, as well as providing help in times of real despair
> (The sample versions of the chip had issues, which lead to being in a
> state of frustration)
> Thanks again to ST for getting me out of that frustrated state. STM
> required some changes in the copyright for the public driver. The
> copyright notice has been updated to reflect the same.
> * Thanks to Azurewave Technologies (part of the ASUS group), former
> Twinhan Tech for making this happen by providing a business case with
> ST and sending in cards at different stages of prototyping for testing
> the code etc.
> * Thanks to Paul Zhu for getting the discussions between the vendors going on
> Thanks goes to people who sent in code/patches at various levels (i
> had to rewrite the code completely to make it work, hence couldn't
> make separate patches to the STB0899 driver) The KNC1 card that i used
> to test with had a preproduction (sample) demodulator which had a mind
> of it's own, ie it used to tune to DVB-S most of the times, after that
> it worked with DVB-S2 also couple of times, after which the card never
> worked as a whole, stopped giving me LOCK 's.
> People who are anxious to buy STB0899 based cards, please do look out
> for C2L inscribed on the STB0899 chip on their cards. There are
> different versions of the chip. C1L means it is a version 3.1 of the
> Silicon Cut, ie Cut 3.1. This version C1L is not very stable in the
> fact that there are buggy chips with this version and could mean a
> frontend not locked in many cases, but the issues are different in
> each case. C2L , ie Cut 3.2 is an updated version which fixes the
> issues and this chip works without issues. But unfortunately for all
> the people who tested, we all had C1L based chips only.
> Azurewave said they will sent in new prototype cards with the Cut 3.2
> chip from STM, in a week or so.
> Thanks to the people who sent in patches for the STB0899/STB6100
> * Regis Prevot
> * Wouter Cloetens
> Thanks to all those who helped in getting the API update with
> discussions/comments on the same at various stages.
> * Andrew De Quincey
> * Christoph Pfister
> * Johannes Stezenbach
> * Julian Scheel
> * Marcel Siegert
> * Patrick Boetcher
> * Ralph Metzler
> * Trent Piepho
> Thanks to those who helped with small snippets at some points of time
> without loosing patience
> * Christoph Pfister
> * Sigmund Augdal
> Thanks to all those who patiently did the testing.
> Finally, i have updated the API also a bit which is necessary for
> diagnostic apps for reading the Physical Layer Header
> Another changes that's added is rolloff, since otherwise a userspace
> app will have to decode rolloff from matype using bit operators each
> time. This situation can be easily avoided
> Manu
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I'm told that mythtv supports dvb-s2, will it work with this driver?
is cam supported? if so what card would you recommend? I'm happy to do
a lot of testing to get it working if necessary..


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