[linux-dvb] Terratec CinergyT2 doesn't work with UBUNTU 6.10

Thierry MERLE thierry.merle at free.fr
Tue Jan 30 21:22:53 CET 2007

Hello, if this could help,
I own a Terratec CinergyT2 DVB-T device and works fine since 
kernel for me.
On a slackware base, recompiled from kernel.org sources.

hermann pitton a écrit :
> Hi Marc!
> Am Montag, den 29.01.2007, 08:21 +0100 schrieb Marc: 
>> Martin Krüger schreef:
>>> Hello, Hermann,
>>> The automatic load of the cx88-dvb module can be achieved via the 
>>> /etc/modules - file in Ubuntu. I simply added the name of the module 
>>> in a line in this file -- and now everything works.
>> Does the cinergy T² work with this module too??  I was not able to make 
>> it work under Ub 6.10
> Sorry, since you posted a copy to me directly, I know nothing about the
> cinergyT2 and don't have any usb dvb device, also no Ubuntu.
> The cx88-dvb module is only to support DVB on Conexant cx2388x PCI
> bridges. The chips else work for analog video/vbi/radio under
> video4linux.
>> Failed to open device
>> /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0 : opened ( TerraTec/qanu USB2.0 Highspeed 
>> DVB-T Receiver )
>> /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend1 : : No such file or directory
>> /dev/dvb/adapter1/frontend0 : : No such file or directory
>> QLayout "unnamed" added to QWidget "unnamed", which already has a layout
>> marc at ubuntu:~/development/dvbt-scanaid-0.03$ DvbCam::probe(): 
>> /dev/dvb/adapter0/ca0: : No such file or directory
>> Using DVB device 0:0 "TerraTec/qanu USB2.0 Highspeed DVB-T Receiver"
>> tuning DVB-T to 402000000 Hz
>> inv:2 bw:0 fecH:9 fecL:9 mod:6 tm:2 gi:4 hier:4
>> ...............
>> Not able to lock to the signal on the given frequency
>> Frontend closed
>> dvbsi: Cant tune DVB
> If I try to find your previous mails, I can see you had it working under
> FC6 and a green LED was on, which now never happens.
> FC6 likely uses a 2.6.19x kernel, which is in truth a 2.6.20-rcx and
> this could make some difference, but there is not a single other error
> report for this device on 2.6.17, which is quite old by the way and we
> should have more such reports then.
> Guess either you have messed something up or even the hardware has
> troubles. Can you test if it still works on FC6 or whatsoever?
> Usually the install of mercurial v4l-dvb is very safe and takes care for
> all, but if anything is messed up delete the whole modules in
> /lib/modules/2.6.17-Ubuntu-something/kernel/drivers/media 
> (the whole media folder)
> Run "make distclean" on the v4l-dvb mercurial and then "make" and "make
> install" again. 
> After deleting the media folder you could also force the install of the
> Ubuntu kernel again to be sure you have all back originally from that
> kernel.
> There is a lot of back porting, adding compat stuff, make it sysfs ready
> and issues with the input layer for the remote visible.
> http://linuxtv.org/hg/v4l-dvb?fl=7dac07b49712;file=linux/drivers/media/dvb/cinergyT2/cinergyT2
> Maybe 2.6.17 is currently not fully compatible for that device with v4l-
> dvb mercurial, you seem to have input device register errors on X.
> Either stay with your default Ubuntu kernel then, or try latest
> mercurial on the recent 2.6.20 kernel from kernel.org.
> If FC6 still works it is something in that direction.
> For your "scan" question
> ./scan -n -o zap -p dvb-t/be-Your_Transmitter > channels.conf
>> Some like this directly in dvb-apps/util/scan or with corrects paths
>> on your PC should do it.
>> Put the resulting channels.conf in ~/.tzap .xine ...
> Hm, there seems to be only be-Tournay with one single transponder.
> Full compat to distro kernels is not the main goal of a development
> repository, if at all ..., but this additional service is quite fine
> today, but not always guaranteed to work immediately.
> Only a shot in the dark. 
> Good Luck,
> Hermann
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