[linux-dvb] LifeView TV Walker - Model LR506

Daniel Weigl danielweigl at gmx.at
Mon Jul 2 14:32:20 CEST 2007


Thank you for your hint, and sry for the late response - had some finals  
for this term - todays my first day of hollidays, so i spent some time on  
the LR506 thing again.

I have played i bit with the patch. You had right, that  
m920x_identify_state wont work. But imho, if the usb-DevID=0x506, then it  
is in cold-state, so setting ".identify_state   = NULL" should to the work.

I set ".usb_ctrl = CYPRESS_FX2" to use the native functions provided in  
dvb-usb-firmware.c to download the firmware. Than i tryed to figure out  
the binary format of the .fw file. I guess I got it right.
I wrote a script which converts the snooped data into the propriated  
format. I gave it a try and to my surprise it worked :)

So, for short: Now I am able to download the fw to the cold device and  
lsusb tells afterwards, that the device has re-registered as the warm one  

The firmware can be found at:  

Now i have to figure out, how i can attach a frontend to it. No Idea how  
this will work - but ill play a bit with it.

Thx for the hint, again.

And if someone could give me some tipps I would be glad.

Am Wed, 27 Jun 2007 19:41:03 +0200 hat Aapo Tahkola <aet at rasterburn.org>  

> On Wed, 20 Jun 2007 14:14:14 +0200
> "Daniel Weigl" <danielweigl at gmx.at> wrote:
>> Hello Nick,
>> Thx for your replies!
> Take a look at
> http://www.rasterburn.org/~aet/m920x/m920x-twalker-rl506.patch
> This driver should not belong to m920x.c since it's not based on m920x
> (noticed that afterwards).
> Couple notes:
> - m920x_identify_state will most likely not work for your device
> - m920x_firmware_download routine should not be used for this
> device(assuming you have to dl firmware)
> - you need to make sure adapter field of tvwalker_lr506_properties is
> properly filled
> You can examine other drivers that use CY7C68013A(FX2) to figure out
> what still needs to be done.
> Couple pointers:
> 19:30 < mkrufky> most likely, the dvb-usb-firmware's default
> CYPRESS_FX2 handling should do the job
> 19:31 < mkrufky> you may want to
> look at the FIRST entry in cxusb, for the medion 95700, for an example
> of what a typical dvb_usb_device_properties struct looks like for an
> FX2 device
> 19:31 < mkrufky> (dont look at the bluebird ones -- we had
> to override the firmware download routing with a USB PID firmware patch)

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