[linux-dvb] Possible bug in cx88-dvb?

Hanno Zulla abos at hanno.de
Wed Jul 4 16:06:21 CEST 2007


> Do you have shared interrupts?  Do a "lspci -v" and have a look there.

Yes, I do have shared interrupts:


The DVB card uses irq 23 (which is shared with the mainboard's audio
chip) and it uses irq 10 (not shared with any other card).


Pete's DVB card uses irq 11, which is shared with the mainboard
chipset's usb controller, ide controller and network chip.

> That being said, I don't notice any particular issue when the problem pops
> up.  Perhaps the driver is being too pedantic - after all, that's what
> buffers are for, right?

On my system, there is a visible skip of video output when this shows up
the syslog. Very annoying.

Of course, it is quite possible that the "cx88_wakeup: 2 buffers handled
(should be 1)" problem is not the cause of the skipping. I cannot tell.

> Try swapping your PCI cards around if you have any to spare.....

I did. Didn't help.

I also tried changing PCI latency in the BIOS settings and using
"pci=routeirq" or "pci=noacpi" kernel boot parameters. And I tried a
different kernel.

Those attempts didn't help either.



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