[linux-dvb] LifeView TV Walker - Model LR506

Daniel Weigl danielweigl at gmx.at
Thu Jul 5 10:57:34 CEST 2007

Am Thu, 05 Jul 2007 02:03:53 +0200 hat Aapo Tahkola <aet at rasterburn.org>  

> My bad, try this:
> +static int m920x_twalk_i2c_xfer(struct i2c_adapter *adap, struct
> i2c_msg msg[], int num) +{
> [...]
> +		}
> +		if (i+1 < num && msg[i+1].flags & I2C_M_RD) {
> +			if ((ret = m920x_read(d->udev,
> M9206_TWALK_I2C_R,
> +					msg[i].addr, msg[i].buf[0],
> msg[i+1].buf, msg[i+1].len)) != 0)
> +				goto unlock;
> +			i++;
> +		} else {
> +			if ((ret = m920x_write_bulk(d->udev,
> M9206_TWALK_I2C_W,
> +					msg[i].addr, 0, msg[i].buf,
> msg[i].len)) != 0)
> [...]
> +}

Yes - you are right. Yesterday I took some time and investigated the  
driver architecure more in detail. The first thing I had to change was the  
m920x_i2c_xfer functions, than I changed some details in the function you  
mentioned above.

Now I am able to connect the tuner and demod frontend. The demod frontend  
checks the TDA10046 by an version-request and gets the correct result. So  
i2c is basically working.

But something wents wrong with the initialization. After the two frontends  
are attached, it takes about 3sec than the power led of the Stick switches  
off. But there are no dmesgs when this happends. Strangly: If I to a lsusb  
the power led sitches on for ~3seconds and goes off again. Also no dmesgs.  
And the device stays in Warm-State. (i.e. no full reset)

But if I try to access it (e.g. with dvbscan), I get error -19 from the  
usb_control_msg function ("no such device").

I have here the initialization of the two frontend chips, how it happens  
when the windows driver inits the stick:
  ---> http://danyserv.selfip.org/dir/LifeView/i2c_log1

I have annother annyoing problem: If I plug in the stick, and the two  
frontends get attached, its use-count increases (lsmod). But if I plug it  
off again, both frontends does not deattach again... So its usecount goes  
up and up. If I want to change some sourcecode (for debugging purposes) I  
always have to restart, bec. I cannot
rmmod the frontends.

How does the deregistering work properly?

TIA Daniel

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