[linux-dvb] [Em28xx] MPL-licensed V4L kernel modules (em2880)

Markus Rechberger mrechberger at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 14:02:20 CEST 2007

On 7/10/07, Aidan Thornton <makosoft at googlemail.com> wrote:
> On 7/10/07, Markus Rechberger <mrechberger at gmail.com> wrote:
> > em2880-dvb and xc3028-tuner are not derived from v4l code; em28xx is
> > derived from GPL code but worthless without the other files. Also
> > people can write whatever they want as long as they don't compile it
> > and fact is that the code is still available.
> > Don't compile it against v4l-dvb and it's fine..
> > I can have whatever sourcecode I want to have on that server.
> I suspect there are all sorts of interesting legal issues here. In
> particular, the GPL is intended to cover entire works - relicensing
> individual source files in a GPLed piece of software in a
> non-GPL-compatible way when those files are intended to be combined
> with other source files which are still GPLed is a grey area at best.
> Since I'm not a lawyer, and I can't afford to hire one, this makes me
> want to not touch this code with a bargepole. I suppose I could always
> fork the GPL-licensed version, but getting it to compile with new
> kernel releases would be a real pain.
> (Incidentally, I assume that, since you say that "em2880-dvb and
> xc3028-tuner are not derived from v4l code", you rewrote em2880-dvb
> from scratch at some point. It certainly looks that way, but I know
> that I did have some code in em2880-dvb at one point.)

Yes you had some code in there, just that you know some linuxtv people
(I don't want to name them here) wrote that the em2880-dvb module is
just wrong because of what you did. Since I know about the DVB
framework now I have to say that these people who claimed that it's
wrong have had no idea about the framework back then and that it was
fine what you did.
It is not you who went through such discussions, since I managed the
code I received these comments and instead that these people sent some
patches they just claimed that it was bad and wrong.

This community needs a change if it wants to survive and get companies
onto the boat, right now it's controlled by a few wannabes who
missleaded me in history but who never sent any patches against the
repository either to improve the parts which were in question.

> > I'd appreciate if you could stop having useless discussions, a few
> > linuxtv people proved it during the last year that they aren't capable
> > of participating from the beginning on or helping at all to get
> > forward, so I'd appreciate if you could just shut up and wait for the
> > endresult.
> > Not everyone might know why I did that, people who participated at the
> > merging requests are responsible for that.
> Basically, I'm left without a working, maintained, legally sound Linux
> driver for the hardware I'm using, through no fault of my own (except
> perhaps relying on an out-of-tree driver by someone who turns out to
> be unable to co-operate with the v4l and dvb developers).

hmm? if it's related to the code on mcentral.de please post a
bugreport or feature request; maybe make kernel-links is what you're
looking for, please give me some more details about this.


> PS. Sorry for the semi-duplicate email; accidentally forgot to send to list.

Markus Rechberger

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