[linux-dvb] Problems about the drivers rmmod.

lwtbenben lwtbenben at 163.com
Wed Jul 11 05:34:18 CEST 2007

     I am now developing my own tv card's driver.
     While I am debugging, I just found a problem when I used "modprobe -r" to rmmod my driver module, it is like this:
     a. When I don't insert my hardware,
        modprobe dvb-usb-mymodule.ko and modprobe -r dvb-usb-mymodule.ko
        were well executed.
     b. First, I insmod my module: modprobe dvb-usb-mymodule.ko
       Then, I insert my own hareware.
       And if I want to rmmod my module: modprobe dvb-usb-mymodule.ko
       It is bad.      
       The terminal is dead, and the modprobe thread is hanging on and can't be            killed. I must reboot to make it.
       So, could anybody help me with this issue?
       Thank you very much.
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