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Uwe Bugla uwe.bugla at gmx.de
Wed Jul 11 22:10:47 CEST 2007

Am Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2007 18:36:06 schrieb Markus Rechberger:
> On 7/11/07, Johannes Stezenbach <js at linuxtv.org> wrote:
> > On Wed, Jul 11, 2007 at 05:18:35PM +0200, Markus Rechberger wrote:
> > > Remember all that code could have been in the kernel for around 1 year
> > > without breaking any device if these few core people (and there are
> > > really only very few ones <5) wouldn't have tried to hit it down.
> >
> > This "the bad linuxtv guys blocked my drivers for years"
> > allegation is unsubstancial as I tried to show in
> > http://www.linuxtv.org/pipermail/linux-dvb/2007-June/018853.html
> "A few people offered to help you" is the same as:
> A few people (especially the ones which are mentioned later) partly
> don't have a good overview about everything, and/or neither do they
> care about several requirements which are needed to get something work
> properly.
> And these cool people would just work on the core and tell me that I
> have to redo the code by myself and put all the work back to me just
> because they're incapable of working together at all ... and hey we
> had exactly the same situation 1 year ago and the only one who
> seriously tried to get forward was Mauro. A few people like to hide
> themself between their great DVB Code and try to play the masters here
> which is not acceptable.

YES! :(
Hey people reading that:
I am only a user / administrator. I know that my statement may not be relevant
at all. But I like to state my opinion on the real bullshit that has been
going on here, hoping for personal consequences of whatever kind!

> How comes that Manu tells me that he won't ask Mauro that he should
> push any of his code? Great community.

Personal disagreements - Mauro is very well doing v4l, but hasn't the
slightest idea about DVB as a matter of fact! In spite of that he is
intending to play the fascistoid "Big Boss" (i. e. the biggest asshole that
one ever can imagine) on the "common project"
> > IMHO it is your inability to make compromises and work with
> > the community which blocked the merge. Issues don't just
> > magically resolve all by themselves if you just wait long enough.
> > Your attempts to force the merge with flames and ultimatums
> > (yes, plural) failed. Surprise, surprise...

Maybe YES!

> > > I'm sure the project would go on way faster if everyone who has never
> > > investigated the dvb core project and who has no experience with that
> > > piece of code (and writing a dvb driver doesn't shed much light about
> > > the dvb framework) would just stay out of everything.

NO! There are users with certain expecting manners!

> >
> > You think you're the only competent programmer, and everyone
> > who dares to have different opinions just gets in the
> > way and holds you up? Check this out:
> > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissistic_personality_disorder#Diagnostic
> >_criteria

Mister Johannes Stezenbach, programmers are like musicians - very narcistic
and highly emotional. Now if you can't take that you've missed something
during your secondary socialisation of whatever kind, man!

> For example you (first trying to help, afterwards doing nothing),

YES! Johannes is nothing but a so-called "apparatschnik", i. e. not helpful at
all! Proof: his motherfuckin' "scan utility" which is highly suboptimal, if
not to say: Rubbish! But instead of investigating time to improve that
bullshit utility he preferes to play the big "guru" of GPL philosophy and
others which is pretty energy-saving for him, but not for the rest of the
linux community world! Johannes sucks!

> * Manu Abraham (who has his project split from the maintree for a very
> long time too),

YES! Manu Abraham promised me a bttv-free driver for his "holy kingdom, if not
to say dvb-bt8xx clone cards of TwinHan months ago, thus freezing the current
kernel driver state of TwinHan and clones, and I did a whole of testing and
feedback effort (even more that I should or was expected), and Markus,
although flamed and ignored, sent me a dummy driver apt to resolve the
problem in Manu's project called cx878 (i. e. the bttv-free bt8xx-driver) and
the result of this lazybone who has lots of time to rant around on
linuxtv-irc was and is this:
a.) http://www.thadathil.net (i. e. NO motherfuckin' development at all for
b.) http://www.just.de/manu (incomplete drivers)
c.) consequent ignorance of Markus's input, transformed by me for the cx878

> * Marcel Siegert (who listens to other people's opinion and didn't
> even spend a minute on thinking by himself how to find a solution)

YES! He seems to care for dvb-utils, but is nothing but an incapable
opportunist doing nothing - another goddam opportunistic inacceptable
lazybone - nad dvb-utils are bullshit, aren't they?

> * Oliver Endriss, did some tests and afterwards denied the merge
> because he found a bug which got resolved right after he reported it.

YES! In the past this bavarian guy fucked up dvb-frontend.c, and it was me
taking him by his balls to never do it again - just another reactionary

> There were a few options, freeze the development of v4l-dvb merge in
> that code and fix whatever someone thinks he has to fix; there are
> many requirements covered within that code and all you guys did is to
> ignore it and nothing else.. Manu came up with something and didn't
> even talk to me about it if it would be ok with the work I've done and
> guess what he didn't even cover all the requirements which are already
> solved.

YES! Manu is very selfish and utmost narcisstic - that's a matter of fact!

> Now, all the other developers are far away from such a misbehaviour.
> > > It's now about 14.000 lines of code, around 7000 inkernel lines, and I
> > > haven't received _any_ participation request of any developer and all
> > > you get if you ask people to join the project is that they are busy
> > > with their work (which is ok) but then don't try to manipulate someone
> > > else's work in the end.
> > > Nothing is getting better here if linuxtv.org people don't work
> > > together.
> >
> > If I look at hg or git logs I get the impression that the
> > community still works.
> as long as they don't cross the mind of people which are mentioned
> right above. But as you wrote earlier "guess what the issues are still
> unsolved".
> -Markus
> > > Companies will for sure not like to rely on such a mess where finally
> > > a few wannabes try to play the smart guys and are responsible that
> > > support for alot devices won't get into the kernel.

YES or NO! It depends on the company' s policy!

> >
> > ...
> >
> >
> > Johannes

P. S. 1: I really would enjoy Markus to return to linuxtv.org with all his done
work and all his power, although this so-called "linuxtv.org-community" seems
to be definitely invalid and not worthy to do so!
But that's just a dream! Many many people got to change their mind
fundamentally before that!

The problem is there (even for Manu and others):
"Two things are infinite - the universe and the human stupidity! While I am
still doubting about the universe I am goddamn sure about the human stupidity!

Albert Einstein, JEWISH thinker, German

P. S. 2: The NAZI motherfuckers eliminated lots of intelligence here in Germany - that's why we have such an enormous wannabee dictators, motherfuckin' egoist bullshits of intellectual mediocrity here - if not to say: human bullshit and dumbness - just crap of human mankind production - or should I call them dumb robots of motherfuckin' capitalist bullshit system?



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