[linux-dvb] Twinhan VP-1030C Diseq problem

Manuel Kampert manuel.kampert at online.de
Tue Jul 17 16:15:19 CEST 2007

Hi All,
after upgrading my current Sempron system to an Athlon X2 I have some
issues with my Twinhan VP-1030C. 
Tuning different channels on the Astra system is no problem. Also
switching to Hotbird
Is working fine. If I try to switch back from Hotbird to Astra this is
not working anymore.
The card tries to tune the frequency but does not change the LNB. I
tried my TT budget card
Without any problems so I moved back to my old Sempron system to see if
the card is the 
root cause. Sempron system still working fine. Booting the system with
non SMP configuration
did also not help either.
Is there an know solution to this? Is anybody else having the same
issues? I have read at 
least two articles regarding to a similar problem in the internet from
the last year - 
however without any solution.
I am trying to find out now if the diseq commands are send at all on the
system with the
problems. I was not able to figure out how I can see debug messages
regarding to 
frequency tuning or diseqc command switching. Can someone point me to
the right
direction how I can enable the debug message?
Also is there some way to do a full text search over the linux-dvb list?
Best Regards,
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