[linux-dvb] extra switch for tzap

Christophe Thommeret hftom at free.fr
Thu Jul 19 12:35:14 CEST 2007

Le mercredi 18 juillet 2007 19:20, Uwe Bugla a écrit :
> Am Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2007 17:21:07 schrieben Sie:
> > Le mercredi 18 juillet 2007 16:13, Uwe Bugla a écrit :
> > > 2. Kaffeine's channel lists should not be sorted by a couple of numbers
> > > that absolutely do not make any sense.
> > > The sorting should be alphabetically in the first place, then using
> > > numbers. In a kaffeine channel list it's quite horrible to find a
> > > desired channel that you want to watch.
> Dear Christophe, first of all a thousands of thanks for your pretty nice
> hints :)

np :)

> > You can click on list headers to set sorting.
> > Numbers are quite useful and easy to remember (at least for most viewed
> > channels). You can change a channel' number by selecting the channel in
> > list then clicking again to edit.
> > Anyway, i don't know of any good method to quickly find a channel in a
> > list of thousands :)
> The alphabetic order is the most reliable one, no matter if the total
> number of channels is 10, 100 or even 1000 or more.

I guess it's a matter of taste, i personnaly prefer number sorting ...

> As an addition a bookmark system to sub-categorize the found channels would
> be "close to perfection." :)

This one i don't get. Could you explain your idea?

> As kaffeine is not too well documented :( the alphabetic order only does
> appear in the editor mode, not in the watching TV or radio mode.

Headers sorting is quite standard however.

> > So you may want to delete useless channels (take a look,
> > you will find a lot :) to reduce the list length.
> This also should be done automatically (double and triple appearances,
> channels without a valid name appearing as "unknown" etc.).
> The primary direction should be: as little user inputs as necessary.

That was the case in previous versions, but then users complained about 
missing channels :)

> > You can also take advantage of categories to group channels and so deal
> > with smaller lists.
> Never even tried that as I am missing features like this one in a proper
> documentation.

Quoting the handbook:
"You can arrange your channels in categories. To create a new category, right 
click in the icon view to get a popup menu. Now, drag a channel name and drop 
it on the desired category' icon. To remove a channel from a category, drop 
it on the "All" icon. Right click on an icon to delete that category or 
change icon."

Not perfect, but at least the category feature is mentioned ;)

> > P.S.
> > Kaffeine svn has a search field in channels list.
> P. S.: femonspeak is real working fine. If I find some time to do I will
> extend the spoken wav-part by two other core languages: German and French.
> Then will produce a Debian package to imply that tool into my TCL/TK
> project I am busily working on (which is trilingual at the current state of
> development).

Yes, it works fine, i use it when i'm on the roof to adjust the dish ! (with 
max volume and opened window :)

> Uwe
> Master question 1:
> When I run a kaffeine channel scan I never stumble across "filter timeout
> pid" errors.
> When I do the same with "scan" out of the dvb-utils-package, filter
> timeouts appear very often and the scan result is neither mediocre nor even
> reliable, with or without the parameter -5. It's just utmost "crappy"!
> So please where is the clue in kaffeine's source code that makes its
> channel scan perform so well and reliable (well: I would not say perfect,
> but still far much better than "scan" ever was!)?

Hm, it could be particular to your device/driver, cause here scan is still a 
reference. I think now kaffeine' scan is as good as dvbscan, but i won't say 
it's better. (at least dvbscan supports atsc, what kaffeine doesn't)

(The main difference between dvbscan and kaffeine is that kaffeine filters one 
pid at a time (+ the nit pid in a second  thread) while dvbscan creates up to 
32 (iirc), so dvbscan is a bit faster, but maybe your device/driver doesn't 
like it.) 

> Master question 2:
> In a channel scan result there are channels that are declared CA but are
> FTA and vice versa.
> How can this be corrected automatically?

It's a well known problem, and i can't see any reliable solution apart that 
blaming providers.
It would be possible to check for CA descriptors in PMT, but even some 
channels are unencrypted while PMT claim it is !!

> My proposal would be:
> List the channels by SID in a database or something similar, then
> correcting the CA-flag automatically.

(SID is not unique through a network, one would need a 
NetworkID/TransportStreamID/ServiceID combination to uniquely identify a 

Christophe Thommeret

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