[linux-dvb] Problem with init some CAM blocks on TT Budget-S1500 + CI

Evgen Bendyak jman at itm.net.ua
Thu Jul 19 23:28:58 CEST 2007

Hello Akiva
I write that problem not inside function that you write

problem is inside dvb_ca_en50221_write_data it setup HC and clear SW,
so for module it looks like standart write data to it not i buffer size

so delay is not helps 100% a also try it :) before searching inside.

and still waitng for information from some one what means by standart
6 and 7 bit in conrtol register of CAM module. in my standart it reserved
and must be 0.

About: Is there any card which driver already uses the dvb_ca part of the  
dvb-core ?
yes it cart witch i use TT Budget-S1500
need for you driver part for this card is in ttpci directory in  
budget-ci.c file.

about using in you project is it open source? if no, as i know, by license  
you can`t use
source code of dvb-core infrastructure, may be i wrong i don`t know.

about 1030 it not good card for you case work with CAM module fully packed  
inside of
small CPU on board of card so it gives only controll to high level comand  
of CAS session
and it stop to work to much with CAM modules witch try to use MMI session.  
I also have
some projects on it.

Bendyak Evgen

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