[linux-dvb] Please help: Looking for a solidly supported DVB-T USB stick

Andrea Venturi a.venturi at cineca.it
Sun Jul 22 14:47:31 CEST 2007

Stephen Williams wrote:
> On 7/22/07, timecop <timecop at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Believe it or not, I don't think any of them are "solidly supported".
>> USB bridge part should be down nicely, but since all the tuner / demod
>> drivers are reverse engineered garbage (or even if they have docs, you
>> got amateurs writing code), and as result don't work as good as
>> expected...
> Thanks for your default troll response.
> Just because the code is reverse engineered or written by amateurs
> doesn't mean that it can't work solidly. Certainly my old Nova-T PCI
> card worked flawlessly but now i've moved to a mac mini so there's no
> PCI.

[ sorry for the rant, i'm writing to everyone excpet timecop ]

as you already wrote, it's trolling, so you don't need to justify..

we all bery well know how free software communities run and strive to
give the best not only as a simple volunteer effort but also for
straight economical reasons ( reliability, control, efficiency,
standardization etc..).

> Does anyone have comments on the Nova-TD / Pinnacle Diversity (i.e.
> dual DVB-T tuner) support?

i do own a pinnacle diversity dvb-t usb dual tuner card and i used it
with an additional patch:


it works reliably as a dual tuner card.

the diversity feature is not working (for dual tuner operations, you
need both the antennae input connected..)


andrea venturi

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