[linux-dvb] extra switch for tzap, czap and szap - new tarball and Debian package

Uwe Bugla uwe.bugla at gmx.de
Sun Jul 22 18:38:01 CEST 2007

Am Sonntag, 22. Juli 2007 17:37:48 schrieb Christophe Thommeret:
> Le dimanche 22 juillet 2007 13:44, timecop a écrit :
> > I propose we setup #linuxtv-without-jews on feenode and coordinate our
> > efforts to take over those fools who run the real LinuxTV scam.
> >
> > -tc
> FYI, I've just forwarded this mail to www.licra.org

Salut Christophe,

Forwarding the message of this timecop idiot to licra.org may be politically 
correct and consequent in a left or progressive point of view that I share 
with you.

But IMHO you are just paying too much attention to that idiot.
Timecop is not only stupid and dumb as dumb can be (According to Einstein 
dumbness is endless as you surely know), but moreover he is a good example 
that even blacks are not free from racism and antisemitism.

I do not want to overestimate people like timecop, but Malcolm X  is another 
sad example for that basic thesis.

See, Christophe, if you spend a whole lot of life time for demonstrating 
against warfare and racism, and if you, like me, live 10 kilometers away from 
the Nato headquarter you can easily see what intellectual weight class of 
American folks the government hires to transform no brains into killer 
machines to be sent to Iraq and Afghanistan f. ex.

The prototype of an American soldier is and was and always will be a no brain 
human being!

So it's best to simply ignore people like timecop. If noone pays attention to 
people of his intellectual weight class he'll piss off himself!
And I also think he is a shame for the international gays movement too.

Au revoir
On se verra


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