[linux-dvb] Hauppauge Nova-T 500 USB disconnects.

Jose Alberto Reguero jareguero at telefonica.net
Mon Jul 23 03:06:28 CEST 2007

El Lunes, 23 de Julio de 2007, Jim Barber escribió:
> What is the status of resolving the USB disconnects with the Nova-T 500?
> I find I can still easily trigger them just by flicking through channels in
> MythTV. This has stopped me from being able to put a PC I built to service
> as a media centre.
> I'm using Linux kernel 2.6.22 and I used mercurial to get the latest
> v4l-dvb drivers. I compared the dib*.[ch] source files from mercurial
> against the DVB drivers in the kernel sources. They are basically the same
> except the kernel sources removed the '#if 0' sections that won't get
> compiled anyway.
> I'm not using EIT with the card as I read this can increase the chances of
> triggering the USB disconnect. Is there any way to avoid the USB
> disconnects with this card?
> Is there some setting; or a custom patch to either USB or the DVB drivers
> to fix it?
> Any help on making this card stable is appreciated.
> ----------
> Jim Barber
> DDI Health

I am using a dirty hack to try to avoid USB disconnects, and  still don't have 
a disconnect in  three days, but I don't know if it solve the problem. I use 
vdr. You can try it.

Jose Alberto

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