[linux-dvb] Recommended hardware for DVB-C

Dag Stenstad linuxtv at stenstad.net
Mon Jul 23 14:04:15 CEST 2007

I'm going to set up a distributed media center solution at home, and are
wondering what hardware I should use for encoding.

My cable provider is Canal Digital, and as far as I can see almost all
channels are encrypted with Conax and distributed with DVB-C QAM64. I
have a valid smartcard subscription.

I would like to be able to use 3-4 tuners at the same time, sharing the
same CI/CAM. My current PVR provided by Canal Digital has 2 or 3 tuners.
Is this possible right now or in a not too distant time frame?

Which available DVB-C cards has a working CI for a Conax CAM?

Is there any cards in this category with multiple DVB-C tuners?

Which is recommended?

Will these card(s) support HDTV (Using QAM256 probably?) when my
providers launches this?

I will do all processing on the CPU, so MPEG offloading is not important.

I've looked at the kernel documentation, documentation at linuxtv.org,
the mailing lists and at Google without finding the answer, so I hope
someone here can help.


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