[linux-dvb] Who will fix dvb_ca in dvb-core

Akiva Sadovski akivas at scopus.net
Wed Jul 25 07:55:49 CEST 2007

Hello Evgen,
   you give me too much credit.After all I'm newbie to linux tv, and I'd prefer that smb else
(who better understands all consequences etc) to patch the driver

many thanks,

> From: "Evgen Bendyak" <jman at itm.net.ua>
> Subject: [linux-dvb] Problem with init some CAM blocks on TT
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> Hello Akiva.
> So as i understand, you will fixe this problem in release source code?
> If something needed help in DVB standarts i can help becouse i work is it
> but not on PC mostly at STB level only 2 year now i work this it on PC.
> to fix problem need to do:
> 1. Modify function dvb_ca_en50221_write_data or add other one (like i done)
> with will add of holding of some additional flags. And use it in init  
> sequnce.
> 2. Clear of setuping in all operation with CONTROLL register 6 and 7 bits,
> because by standart it must be 0.
> After this i think all CAM modules will work propertly on all card where  
> using such
> common part of dvb driver pack.
> -- 
> Bendyak Evgen

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