[linux-dvb] New tuning file for Astra 28.2E

Christoph Pfister christophpfister at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 10:59:23 CEST 2007

Am Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2007 02:44 schrieb Zoilo Gomez:
> Christoph Pfister wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Am Dienstag, 24. Juli 2007 11:45 schrieb Marvin Hankley:
> >> Hi!
> >>
> >> Please find attached a more complete tuning file for Astra 28.2E.
> >
> > Is that really needed? NIT linking exists which allows the scan apps to
> > find the other transponders (ideally from a single initial tuning entry).
> > Of course some providers manage to mess stuff up so that you need more
> > (or all) entries to get the full channel list.
> Exactly; NITs seem to be incomplete all the time ... as of yet I still
> have to see my first complete scan that is based on an ideal single
> initial tuning entry on any satellite!

Astra 19.2e is quite reliable (right, two initial entries but not changed for 
quite some time).

> Am I correct in thinking that things seem to change often as well?

They seem to be messed up more and more recently :(

> Another notorious mess is the new Astra 23E5 ... will post a frequency
> list for that one as soon as I have time to investigate it.
> Z.


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