[linux-dvb] linux dvb device init problem!

lwtbenben lwtbenben at 163.com
Thu Jul 26 12:20:43 CEST 2007

Hello, everyone
    As we know, in linux dvb subsystem, we use dvb_attach() macro to return a dvb_frontend pointer. 
    But in my driver, there are some unexpected things happening.
    In mydriver_frontend_attach() function, it return an available pointer, but in dvb_usb_adapter_frontend_init() function, when checking the adap->fe field, just as follows:
  if (adap->props.frontend_attach(adap) == 0 && adap->fe != NULL) {
  } else
    err("no frontend was attached by '%s'",adap->dev->desc->name);
   I myself checked the adap->fe field, it becomes NULL.
   So my frontend is not attached actually.
   Can someone give me advice about this issue??????
   Thank you in advance.
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