[linux-dvb] Wiki page [was [PATCH] Add remote control support for Hauppauge Nova-T 500]

Nicolas Will nico at youplala.net
Sun Jul 29 20:48:31 CEST 2007

All contributors,

First, thanks for your work, very much appreciated, indeed.

So do not take the following as a flame, it is not a flame.

I now own a NOVA-T-500.

So I a very interested by te current activity. Activity is good.

I see various efforts on the disconnects.

I see efforts on the remote control.

Patches are coming and going.

But I'm getting lost.

I do not know anymore what works for what, what doesn't, the patching
order, what has been committed to the v4l-dvb tree, or not.

Could there be a wiki page for the NOVA-T-500 and one with the NOVA-TD
USB stick with the up-to-date information?

It could have the following content:

Status of what works
Status of what doesn't work, with possible reason
Dated links to patches, with description
Once those patches are committed, date of the commit

I know, this is documentation, and may slow down true/proper

I know, I am a user, asking for more free work from others...

I could help for a while with this wiki page, though, if the devs could
spend 5mn sending me coordinated information that would get me
"un-lost". Would I need credentials on the linuxtv wiki?

Note to timecop: no, I will not use MCE


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