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Uwe Bugla uwe.bugla at gmx.de
Mon Jul 30 22:57:12 CEST 2007

Am Montag, 30. Juli 2007 20:31:39 schrieb Peter Magellan:
> On 7/30/07, Uwe Bugla <uwe.bugla at gmx.de> wrote:
> > Please do not generalize! :)
>  Me? generalising? If I'm not mistaken, it was Man* that said that every
> Windows/Microsoft user is a code thief who is not able to code/implement
> anything or read docs :)

If you mean Manu Abraham by Man* please forget about him: He is one of the 
most counter productive "developers" and egoists here who DO smash and kill 
the basic thought of open source by

a. losing and ignoring every kind of sense for reality
b. ignoring people's concerns in case of bt8xx cards (NOT only TwinHan!) 
(except the TwinHan stuff (which Abraham MUST share with Jamie Honan) 
everything else IS NOT HIS work:

It's the work of Peter Hettkamp, Florian Schirmer, Ralph and Marcus Metzler 
and pretty good positive thinking other people)

c. fighting down other people's efforts who want to improve the code
d. regarding bt8xx cards as "his private property" where noone has to mix 
himself into it (and if he does, Manu's NACK will be the damn sure 
e. becoming selfish and compromiseless

As I stated already: Every fish starts stinking at the head down to the tail!

The "head" in this case is called Mauro Carvalho Chehab whose knowledge is 
very limited and who is nothing but a power-drunken-incapable 
self-established "team leader" (if you understand German take these two 
expressions for further understanding please: "Sesselfurzer" or in the GDR 
language "Apparatschnik", overestimating his own capabilities, and thus being 
a counter-productive utmost reactionary dumb mismatch!
In fact he is no real substitute for Gerd Knorr at all and he never will be!

> > There are hundreds of real fine and good unnamed people out there doing a
> > pretty good job. Without their contributions it would never be possible
> > to keep up any kind of infrastructure.
> Why don't those hundreds of people gather together and ditch the illustrous
> losers in leadership?
> It wouldn't be the first time a project forks.

A. I meant hundreds of unnamed people OUTSIDE of linuxtv.org (That IS THE BIG 

a. The Debian developers for instance doing a very good job
b. some many others that I made real positive experiences with in eliminating 
kernel bugs BEFORE an official kernel release was published
c. some many others that I will not mention here

B. Wanting a real change does not mean to substitute reality-lost selfish 
egoists by another kind of selfish egoists. It means real personal changes as 
far as maintainer's state of mind towards the open source philosophy is 
mentioned and concerned!

C. Unfortunately we all live in a culture of unlimited capitalism that I would 
call a dictatorship of the capitalist elites which contaminates people's 
minds and propagates loss of solidarity, loss of spare time, unlimited 
egoism, selfishness, loss of compromise and so on.

D. I do not talk about forking but I prefer to talk about real changes, and 
those real changes must be personal substitutions in case of linuxtv.org.

Forking is just another bad compromise, but absolutely NO solution in the long 
run as it does not really change any kind of structural necessities which in 
the end means substituting some counter-productive reactionary people calling 
themselves the "elite" or even "core maintainer" or even "developer"!


I DO demand the consequent disclosure of the following people:

1. Utmost necessity: Manu Abraham
2. Second utmost necessity: Mauro Carvalho Chehab

The option behind is:
A. If there are free seats there hopefully will be people volunteering and 
doing better in the end!
B. If the old people DO stay there will be
1. absolutely no change in the end!
2. no people volunteering to do better!

Keeping the old reactionary personal structure will mean NO CHANGE in the end!

I DO demand the following measurements:

a. Limit the linuxtv repository to people who are REAL active in development 
(Reason: What you do see now is nothing but another hypocritic bad show to 
improve the hypocritic politician status of Mauro Carvalho Chehab - most of 
the people having a repository there have been highly inactive for whatever 
reason, for months, if not to say for years! THIS MUST CHANGE IMMEDIATELY!!)

Reason: As a user you do not need any kind of an assembling of dead inactive 
people but you DO need transparency: You do need to have an idea of who is 
responsible for what, but you do not need any kind of chaos confirming to the 
TOYOTA principle going: Everything is possible, and nothing is impossible!

In other words: You DO need and expect reliability instead of hypocrisy and 
bad tricks (i. e. making things look bigger than they are in this case to 
confirm ones own hypocrisy position!)

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