[linux-dvb] TT-3200 DVB-S2 Patch for Kernel 2.6.22

Joerg Knitter joerg.knitter at gmx.de
Tue Jul 31 17:11:08 CEST 2007

Ulrich schrieb:
> Hi,
> P. van Gaans wrote:
>> What HDTV do you expect to enjoy exactly? BBC HD doesn't require DVB-S2, most other channels use PAFF interlacing which isn't supported
> AFAIK, most films originally produced for the big-screen are broadcasted
> non-interlaced.
> At least, there were some downloadable, short recordings from films
> aired on Pro-7, and I could play them in MPlayer without any problem.
> And as you said, there seems to be some progress with ffmpeg and PAFF,
>>from what I've heard.

Maybe I have to correct myself believing, everything would be interlaced 
as it was in SD land. I found the following on the net:

PAFF means "Picture Adaptive Field Frame", MBAFF means "MacroBlock 
Adaptive Field Frame".
* PAFF allows to decide, on a frame basis, whether to encode each frame 
as a frame or as two fields. When encoded as two fields, it's as if you 
would have done a separatefields() on the frame.
* MBAFF allows to decide, on a macroblock basis, whether to encode as 
field or frame. Actually, it works on vertical pairs of macroblocks, so 
on 16x32 areas. You can easily put two frame macroblocks ( on under the 
other ), or two field ones ( one with the top lines, the other with the 
bottom lines ).

So, there is still a difference between the interlaced flag being set 
and not being set, but if it is set, there might also be some kind of 
progressive frames:

Like Manao said only if the encoder does it well, it will never encode 
anything interlaced from a progressive source, Tandberg H.264 encoder 
seems to think otherwise.

... Now something about PAFF, again using bond's thread:

ASTRA.HD.Demokanal.H.264.001.ts = paff progressive (1080p)
mb_adaptive_frame_field_flag: 0
frame_mbs_only_flag: 0
field_pic_flag: 0
field_pic_flag: 1 <-- not found

sky-hd.sample.ts = paff progressive (1080p)
mb_adaptive_frame_field_flag: 0
field_pic_flag: 0
field_pic_flag: 1 <-- not found

In the above 2 samples all frames are encoded progressive, so the result 
can be called: 1080p

All H.264 HD channels, except BBC-HD, all broadcast PAFF-progressive 
video (according to the log files created by h264_parse)

The author of this information has added:

BC-HD (MBAFF) 1440x1080 uses the Grass Valley H.264 solution:

And most other H.264 (PAFF) channels, like for example Sky-HD 1920x1080, 
use the Tandberg H.264 solution:

LUXE HD on Eutelsat 7 east uses 1280x1080 MBAFF by Ateme, the quality is 

I guess now there are 4 players on the H.264 Satellite market:

grass valley, ViBE H.264: 
scientific atlanta, H.264: 
tandberg, H.264: http://www.tandberg.net/our_story/h264.jsp
ateme, H.264: http://www.ateme.com/BB_HD_4Chip.php

Maybe this information clears it up a little bit more - or even confuses 
more :)

With kind regards

Joerg Knitter

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