[linux-dvb] NOVA-T-500 Remote usage

Markus Ingalsuo markus.ingalsuo at osp.fi
Tue Jul 31 17:27:54 CEST 2007

Nicolas Will wrote:
> I'm back at this...
> First,let me see if I understand the concept well.
> The remote control is really given to the system as an input device,
> like a keyboard.
> That way, every time I press a remote key, the kernel sends a code, just
> like when I press a multimedia key on an extended keyboard.
> Is this right?
> So, where does that code go ? standard input?
> Do you need a special coding to intercept it, or is it just mixed with
> other classic keyboard key presses?
> How can I test/monitor that key presses are recognized?
> In MythTV, some key are already useful out of the box, like the arrows
> and numbers. I'd like to extend that.
> Do I need LIRC ?

Yes you need lirc to make all the buttons work and when you have a 
working configuration, you can test it by running 'irw'. Getting to 
running an actual lirc-enabled software is a bit of a struggle but once 
you have done it, it's done. MythTV wiki should have a lirc howto and 
you'll find many more by searching with google.

> Nico
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