[linux-dvb] Help needed with dst

Mika Sorsa leppo at ren.to
Tue Jul 31 19:18:36 CEST 2007

On Tue Jul 10 15:14:47 CEST 2007, wrote Joel Michael:
> but it is a DVB-S card with a CI slot), but it is not being recognised
> by the dst module.
a long time ago I got the same kind of
>write_dst: _write_dst error
and I never got my twinhan pci card to work until I compiled the Linux v4l
driver into the (deprecated) version 1 compatibility mode.
So, what works for me with the dst driver is, among others:
(I have had it so since 2.6.19 or so)

Then make sure the BT8XX driver modules will load before the dst etc. and
make a cold restart (turn off pci power from the mobo, too, just to make
sure). Just reloading the modules seems not to recover it.

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