[linux-dvb] patch "budget-av: Remove polarity switching of the clock for the DVB-C cards" causes corrupt stream

Oliver Endriss o.endriss at gmx.de
Fri Jun 1 21:44:40 CEST 2007

Matthias Dahl wrote:
> Hi Hartmut.
> > it seems that newer windows drivers for the KNC ONE/Satelco
> > EasyWatch/Terratec Cinergy do not longer use the VPE interrupt to transfer
> > data. They use the the PORT A/B interrupt. Can you please try the attached
> > patch (with and without the CI/CAM)? The patch uses also the PORT A/B
> > interrupt. I've tested it with my Cinergy 1200C (without a CI).
> Great! The patch fixes the problem with the corrupt stream. I have been 
> hitting at it for an hour now and haven't been able to cause any vpeirq msgs 
> nor corrupted streams. Thanks a lot! :-) Hope this gets into the official 
> tree...

Strange - I wonder why it makes a difference whether you use the A/B or
the VPE interrupt?

Anyway, this mode of operation should be used only for large buffer
mode, i.e. when odd/even buffers are in use. For single buffer mode we
should leave the code as is.


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