[linux-dvb] question about the zap utilities ,,, why so many?

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 12:27:25 CEST 2007

CityK wrote:
> So there is:
> - zap ... intended for developers
> - azap ... for ATSC and N.A dig. cable (STCE 07)
> - czap ... for DVB-C
> - szap ... for DVB-S
> - szap2 ... for DVB-S2
> - tzap ... for DVB-T
> Is there any technical reason why these 6 utilities aren't blended
> together into a __single__ comprehensive tuning app ... say, "zaptune"
> or whatever, for example?

Oh. In fact there is .. you can use zap/gnutv

* zap incorporates szap+czap+tzap+azap+ca_zap
* gnutv additionally has stream out capabilities

once we have multiproto/S2 in the szap hacked in for DVB-S2 will be
pulled in to zap, making it a common zapping utility once again.

One thing that i forgot to mention, why myself and adq decided to retain
the old *zap, was that these utilities are the _best_/easiest/quickest
to hack in userland support for some new league of devices, for which we
don't have to code day and night to add support. For me at least it was
very helpful when i started up with ca_zap and a zapper for S2.

Hence those utilities were reatined while we went for a grand unified
zap for the user league, while we left the *zap for the hacker league.
According to adq -- one ring to rule 'em all. :)

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