[linux-dvb] SAT tunig problem with lifeview flydvb trio cardbus

segalion segalion at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 13:39:34 CEST 2007

I'm in trouble with a flydvb trio cardbus card (DVB-T DVB-S and analog in
one) and fresh Ubuntu Feisty (kernel 2.6.20 i386 generic) on an HP Pavilion
My dvb config is:
"option saa7134 card=84 tuner=54"
"option saa7134-dvb use_frontend=1"

Finally I´ve configured the card for dvb-t and dvb-s (very well with
Kaffeine) and now my problem is the tunning/scanning main of the lowband
frequencies (LNB universal and Astra19,2 ) (i.e the spanish Digital+

"scan" manually (from dvb-utils) gives the same results... (not able to
tuning "almost" lowband transponders). Seems that there are problems with
the switching of sat setings (lowband) but im not sure.

Highband transponders are scanned correctly (H and V)

I´ve been seen the -vvv scan option, and I could see that two of the lastest
reported as "lowband" transponders were well scanned.

I´he tried too the -5 option without results.

Same hardware config work "fine" (at least scaning and tunning) in windows
(progdvb and skyview).

Any can help?
Thanks in advance...
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