[linux-dvb] some suggestions, and questions, regarding the dvb-apps package

CityK CityK at rogers.com
Tue Jun 5 03:00:31 CEST 2007

I'm not sure who is maintaining it (Andrew, Marcel, Christoph, Manu),
but I figured I'd provide a few suggestions that I think would help
further tidy up the dvb-apps package.

1) README file, topmost directory

a) Change the comment "Various testing applications also live in test" to:

Some misc. testing applications:
test/README   - Provides an overview of the various small test/sample
programs residing in the test directory

b) Remove the following text given that the include files are, er, no
longer included:

"For convenience, dvb-apps contains a copy of the DVB API include
files as they are contained in the linuxtv-dvb-1.? release
and the 2.6.x Linux kernel."

2) Given the (historical and contextual) information on the zap
utilities recently provided by Manu & Johannes, can the util/zap and the
util/szap directories be combined into one (util/zap) ? 

If yes, then:

a) a quick rewrite of the current util/szap/README file could elucidate
the contextual and historical info Manu & Johannes just provided ---
which, btw, goes an extremely along way in explaining (especially for
the "newbie") why there are so many zap variations

b) the README file, in the topmost directory, should have the line
"util/zap    - *Just* tunes a digital device - really intended for
developers" slightly modified to allude to the various zap tuning utils
contained within the package

3) lib/libdvbapi

a) requires a README file which, at the very least, alludes to what the
current version of the api is .... either that or change the directory
name to indicate this (i.e. lib/libdvbapi2.0)

b) the README file, in the topmost directory -- might want to do
likewise in regards to api version number in the line "lib/libdvbapi   
- Interface library to digital TV devices."

4) util/scan vs util/dvbscan

a) Like the zap utilities, this is surely another spot of confusion for
most unenlightened folks.  What's the story here again ? (I say again,
because I know there has been some discussion (here and there) about
these two, but I forget when and where and what conclusions, if any,
were drawn).

b) the util/scan/README file looks like it could really use an overhaul
... especially given that, despite being in the "scan" directory,  it
refers to "dvbscan" and "atscscan" apps

c) the README file, in the topmost directory, should have some sort of
reference as to what distinguishes the two (scan vs. dvbscan)

d) like the question regarding the zap utils, can the scan utils not be
merged into a single directory?


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