[linux-dvb] some suggestions, and questions, regarding the dvb-apps package

Uwe Bugla uwe.bugla at gmx.de
Tue Jun 5 03:10:25 CEST 2007

Am Dienstag, 5. Juni 2007 03:00 schrieb CityK:
> I'm not sure who is maintaining it (Andrew, Marcel, Christoph, Manu),
> but I figured I'd provide a few suggestions that I think would help
> further tidy up the dvb-apps package.
> 1) README file, topmost directory
> a) Change the comment "Various testing applications also live in test" to:
> Some misc. testing applications:
> test/README   - Provides an overview of the various small test/sample
> programs residing in the test directory
> b) Remove the following text given that the include files are, er, no
> longer included:
> "For convenience, dvb-apps contains a copy of the DVB API include
> files as they are contained in the linuxtv-dvb-1.? release
> and the 2.6.x Linux kernel."
> 2) Given the (historical and contextual) information on the zap
> utilities recently provided by Manu & Johannes, can the util/zap and the
> util/szap directories be combined into one (util/zap) ?
> If yes, then:
> a) a quick rewrite of the current util/szap/README file could elucidate
> the contextual and historical info Manu & Johannes just provided ---
> which, btw, goes an extremely along way in explaining (especially for
> the "newbie") why there are so many zap variations
> b) the README file, in the topmost directory, should have the line
> "util/zap    - *Just* tunes a digital device - really intended for
> developers" slightly modified to allude to the various zap tuning utils
> contained within the package
> 3) lib/libdvbapi
> a) requires a README file which, at the very least, alludes to what the
> current version of the api is .... either that or change the directory
> name to indicate this (i.e. lib/libdvbapi2.0)
> b) the README file, in the topmost directory -- might want to do
> likewise in regards to api version number in the line "lib/libdvbapi
> - Interface library to digital TV devices."
> 4) util/scan vs util/dvbscan
> a) Like the zap utilities, this is surely another spot of confusion for
> most unenlightened folks.  What's the story here again ? (I say again,
> because I know there has been some discussion (here and there) about
> these two, but I forget when and where and what conclusions, if any,
> were drawn).
> b) the util/scan/README file looks like it could really use an overhaul
> ... especially given that, despite being in the "scan" directory,  it
> refers to "dvbscan" and "atscscan" apps

1. Thank you for bringing that up :)
My critical questions were not conforming to "szap", but to "scan".
In spite of that they were never answered.

2. All other alternative scan utils are not DVB-S compatible at all :(

My questions were:
Who takes care of those bugs, and: Is there a TODO list in which those bugs 
are at least mentioned?


> c) the README file, in the topmost directory, should have some sort of
> reference as to what distinguishes the two (scan vs. dvbscan)
> d) like the question regarding the zap utils, can the scan utils not be
> merged into a single directory?
> Cheers
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