[linux-dvb] x-tensions XD-380: working, no VHF

Raphael Coeffic rco at iptel.org
Fri Jun 8 17:15:15 CEST 2007


i bought a DVB-T usb stick from x-tensions. The model name is XD-380 
I suspect it to be just a repackaging of some other DVB-T stick.

So far, i get the stick to work using em28xx driver. The driver suite tells me 
it is a Kworld 355U. Using the same module as this stick works also pretty 
good. I have everything working.

The only thing is that i cannot tune any transponder sending in the VHF band, 
where my favorite channel is located ('Arte' in Berlin ;-)). On the product 
package, the tuner's frequency band is claimed to be exaclty the same as what 
i found for the qt1010 tuner (about 50 to 800+ MHz).

Does anybody have any idea concerning that problem?


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