[linux-dvb] af9005/mt2060 module unload failure

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Thu Jun 14 22:33:11 CEST 2007

P. van Gaans wrote:
> Luca Olivetti wrote:

>> Anyway, if you feel you should retire the driver, do so, I won't 
>> complain. At leas I can consider it as feedback (which was sorely 
>> lacking until now).
> Please don't remove the driver.. Linux' support for cheap USB DVB-T 
> sticks is far from complete (or the list of what's supported is entirely 
> different from what really is supported), I wouldn't want to see this 
> being removed. All the feedback I can give you is that it works fine for 
> me, apart from scanning channels in Kaffeine, but that might also be my 
> fault.
> I you were to get a new AF9005 for free, would you mind taking another 
> look at the driver? (IIRC you live in the EU, don't you?)

The driver will not be removed -- I apologize if my previous email was
misinterpreted.  I only stated that the driver should stay in the v4l-dvb
mercurial master branch and not be pushed upstream until the issues are
resolved.  Don't worry :-)

Michael Krufky

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