[linux-dvb] Dual tuner DVB-T

P. van Gaans w3ird_n3rd at gmx.net
Thu Jun 14 22:41:44 CEST 2007

Petr Nejedly wrote:
> P. van Gaans wrote:
>>>Hmm, well, iirc it was a 8mbit stream, but I'm not sure if I also tried 
>>>a 3mbit stream, but I bet that still wouldn't have worked reliably. Not 
>>>much difference anyway. Because no, not my switch, dvbstream needs 
>>>replacement. Multicast simply sucks, what you want are peer to peer 
>>>connections. My switch has no problems handling these at 100mbit. No 
>>>SoHo switch has. But multicast? There's a reason IPTV ISP's don't switch 
>>>you know.. For Multicast you should use satellites, DVB-T transmitters 
>>>or (coaxial) VHF/UHF cable infrastructures. Not UTP with SoHo switches!
> So, well, your problem lies elsewhere. You probably have some slow (10baseT)
> device connected (VoIP adapter, old DreamBox, network printer adapter,
> whatever), or a wireless AP with enabled mcast routing.
> I have no problem multicasting nearly complete TS over my small LAN, but only
> after I moved my old VoIP phone to different subnet so mcast doesn't reach it.
> And also after setting mcast_rate on my wifi AP to 54mbit (default is 1mbit as
> wifi mcast has no MAC-level acknowledge channel available).
> I'm also able to reliably mcast >10mbit into a busy large corporate LAN (thing
> hundred of switches), but only after properly setting central switches to
> support IGMP snooping, so the traffic doesn't reach older printers.
> Nenik

That's right, my Freesco box has a 10mbit ethernet card. But I'm not 
planning on replacing it. I don't know about my WiFi. Anyway, I wouldn't 
use multicast in nearly any home situation. Too sensitive to older/wifi 
devices. And usually there is more than enough bandwidth to send all the 
desired channels p2p over a home network.

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