[linux-dvb] Any interest in AF9015

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 13:17:14 CEST 2007

Andrew Leech wrote:
> Manu Abraham wrote:
>> Andrew Leech wrote:
>>> There is a mostly operation driver that Antti Palosaari has written.
>>> It's not finished as far as I know but he had it working to the point
>>> where he could watch tv using it. In it's current state it only works
>>> with the mt2060 tuner, whereas the dongle I have uses the qt1010
>>> tuner.     
>> It is the same AF9015 demod + BIU with the QT1010 ?
> yeah my tuner is an AF9015 stick with the QT1010 frontend. I haven't
> tried loading Antti's driver, which is a complete rewrite rather than
> the mangled version of the af9005 driver i was writing.

Ah, ok. Had some sample devices with me was just wondering whether it
was the same. The AF9015 is quite different from the 9005 in fact it
comes in 2 flavours.

AF9013 (standard demodulator) have this on the reference PCIe cards
AF9015 with a USB BIU

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