[linux-dvb] Any chance for "Medion 7134 Bridge #2 [16be:0005]" to be fully supported?

Andreas Krause Andreas.Krause at web.de
Mon Jun 18 16:26:38 CEST 2007

> It should be possible.
> Tuner and channel decoder are supported (though there is a problem with
> the DISEQc i need to cross check).
> But i will need additional information:
> What is the type of the LNB controller?
> This an additional chip on the board, possibly in a small package sitting close
> to an inductor.
> (might be ISl64xx)

To give you all information I can get from the PCB:

adhesive on the metal cage left:
	2005/36 SV20
	3112 297 13801 SD1878/SHA

small controller chip mid/top:
	Philips logo
	SA7423.1    35

big controller chip  mid/bottom:
	Philips logo
	CE3155      13

very small LNB controller chip right:

Printed on the PCB:
	CTX929_V2 05242005

Adhesive on the backside:
	Type:	SAT-TUNER 7134
	Rev:	CTX929_V.1 DVB-S
	P/N:	20029268

There's no typo: The revision number given on the board is CTX929_V2,
the one given on the adhesive is CTX929_V.1.

Hope this helps and thanks for your help!

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