[linux-dvb] Any chance for "Medion 7134 Bridge #2 [16be:0005]" to be fully supported?

Andreas Krause Andreas.Krause at web.de
Tue Jun 19 04:44:41 CEST 2007

> > very small LNB controller chip right:
> > 	ISL
> > 	6405ER
> > 	H527BB
> > 
> This was the information i missed. We don't have support for this chip yet but
> it should not be too difficult. Though its funny: This chip supports 2 LNBs.
> I am currently very busy so you need to be patient, sorry. But may i ask you to
> thes when i have something?

If "thes" meant "test" then, well, yes please! ;-) Just reactivate this
thread, I'll be patient.

Thanks a lot!

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