[linux-dvb] [Webcam & DVB] UVC & EM28XX modules: can I make them both work?

giopas linux at giopas.eu
Tue Jun 19 22:35:55 CEST 2007

Hi guys!

I'm trying to make my dvb usb key work on linux (debian Sid), so I've 
successfully compiled and loaded em28xx kernel module.
The problem is that after I've compiled and loaded em28xx, I can no more 
use my uvc camera, even if I try to unload (modprobe - r) em28xx or load 
(modprobe) or even recompile uvc module.

That's a bit strange. O_O

Do you know how can I make both video sources work with the same kernel? 
How can I do?

I've already asked to uvc maintainer, and he suggested me to write here 
-> here you can find even more informations.

Thanks a lot,


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