[linux-dvb] Any interest in AF9015

Juan Martín nauj27 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 09:50:14 CEST 2007

2007/6/18, Antti Palosaari <crope at iki.fi>:
> hello!
> Ok, few words about the current development driver.
> There is three modules now:
> * dvb_usb_af9015 (just typical dvb-usb stuff; usb-driver, IR-stuff,
> usb-controller stuff, i2c-bus, pid-filtering, endpoint configuration)
> * af9013 (this is demodulator driver, I put this own module, in my
> understanding there exists af9013 demodulator and af9015 is just
> integrated usb-controller + af9013 demodulator.
> * tuner module, my device has a mt2060 tuner. Only thing needed to add
> existing tuner module was i2c_gate_ctrl. qt1010 tuner or any other
> silicon tuner should work as well as adding only few lines to usb-module.
> I can watch tv, but most of the demodulator stuff is just hard coded and
> don't work other elsewhere...

Please, can you send me the code to test it with my BestBuy (af9015)
usb dongle?  It's available for download?

Thank you for you effort.

Best regards,
  Juan Martín

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