[linux-dvb] LifeView TV Walker - Model LR506

Daniel Weigl danielweigl at gmx.at
Wed Jun 20 14:14:14 CEST 2007

Hello Nick,

Thx for your replies!

> Are you able to open it up and find out
> what chips are inside?
Okay... I already posted some bits about it in my first post - but this  
may be a bit messy... english is not my native language. So here are the  
ICs I have found inside:

On the Top (or I just call it top)
	Phillips 8275AC1
	CY7C68013A (Cypress?)
And on the bottom:
	TDA1004GHT SA1371.1
Additionally ther is also a small 8pin SMD chip, where I cant read the  
number/id, because ther is a blue color-spot on it. Maybe it is a i2c (or  
1-wire or similiar) flash, which stores the firmware? So that ther is no  
download needed at all... But Iam just guessing right into the blue.

I have made some pictures of the device (and its inside), you can find it  

> You should try to extract your device's firmware from that dvbsnoop
> output so you won't be dependent on Windows when you get the device
> working.
Oh... did i write _dvb_snoop... of course i meant _usb_snoop... sorry for  
that, but i guess you thought the same thing, i was meaning.

Okay, I will try, but I have no (deeper) experiences with USB nor  
DVB(-drivers), so Iam not sure, if ill get anything :)

>>   The logfile: http://nopaste.info/eead046817.html
> I couldn't download this; it is wrapped in HTML.
Okay, here i have it as plaintext again:
I started the usbsnoop ( http://benoit.papillault.free.fr/usbsnoop/ )  
befor i connected the stick and stoped it some seconds after i had plugged  
it in.

The log file can be found under:
	http://danyserv.selfip.org/dir/LifeView/usbsnoop.log  (~600kb)

I made a second log, which includes the plugin and the start of the  
DVB-App and some seconds of the TV-stream:
	http://danyserv.selfip.org/dir/LifeView/usbsnoop_tv.log.bz2  (~200kb)
(I truncated the log after some big packets, bec. the whole log had  

So, thats all for now, i thank you for any help you (or anybody else) can  

Daniel Weigl

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