[linux-dvb] Problems with flexcop-pci-dirver [was: Problems with Technisat Airstar2]

Marcus Werner myself at prakti.org
Sat Jun 23 12:10:35 CEST 2007


Am Thu, 21 Jun 2007 20:33:22 +0200
schrieb Marcus Werner <myself at prakti.org>:
> The Card is brand-new, but nonetheless I'm suspecting the hardware to
> be faulty.  Is it advisable to try the hg-drivers?
I've exchanged the airstar2-card with a replacement-card, to check
wether the initial card was faulty, and I got identical results. 
So it somehow it __must__ be the drivers. 

> Is there another possibility to debug this further?
Respectively: where do I start debugging the drivers?? Regarding
the dmesg.log I sent with my last mail, the drivers do not complain
about anything, but refuse to work, so it's quite difficult to get a
starting-point for debugging. As far as I can oversee the situation the
modules involved are:

dvb-core, dvb-pll, --> of course, most unlikely broken

b2c2_flexcop, stv0297, mt352 --> drivers for the chipsets onboard the
airstar2, also seem to be stable, but maybe there is a new
chipset-revision, wich renders one of the drivers useless. But this is
a rough guess. I'm going have a chat with the technisat-support to
confirm this.

i2c-core, i2c_ec --> which chips are communicating via i2c and
could be some undetected i2c-error be the source of all evil? Thats
still unclear to me, and some hints would be higly appreciated.

I have checked out the dvb-drivers from mercurial, with no satisfying
result. Has anybody out there also a latest airstar2 pci/usb??? I have
this feeling that something in the hardware has changed.

Marcus Werner

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